At Broadway Bound West, we use an upbeat, group coaching model that guides students to self-empowerment.

Our workshops are high-energy, high-engagement, and low pressure. We strive to create a diverse community where students take risks and learn to give, receive, and use constructive feedback.

We value the art of rehearsal in an age of instant gratification and constant distraction. Our students learn to focus on doing one thing well and develop a hunger to improve.

Acting: improv, scene study, character preparation, dialogue enhancement and technique excercises. We conclude with a live performance.

Film: acting on camera, screenwriting, industry insight, and the art of film. Film workshops culminate in a short film production.

Sketch Comedy: a live actor's salvation. Finding your funny bone through games, improvisation, and creating brilliant original sketch pieces. These classes also culminate in a live performance.

Great acting is the product of deep internal work, risk-taking, and interpersonal connections.