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Spring Break Workshop:

acting and comedy, April 3-7, 9am to 5pm, performance on Friday, April 7, tuition $295/full week or $175 half days

Spring Film Workshop:

join the cast of our original series Anywoods, USA, the story of youth surviving against the odds amid the apocalyptic wreckage of America's imagined Second Civil War

Weekly Classes:

Tuesday Sketch Comedy, 4pm-6:30pm, April 11 to June 13, tuition: $235

Wednesday Acting with Becca, 4pm-6:30pm, April 12-June 14, tuition: $235

Saturday Acting with Dale, 2pm-5pm, April 15-June 17, tuition: $245


The liberal arts create an empowering environment that nurtures cohesion and mutual appreciation, and Broadway Bound West is a firm part of that tradition.  We're pro-art, pro-philosophy, pro-debate, pro-giggles, and proud to be an outpost of open thought, personal challenge, and grand accomplishment!

Get in touch to register:


text:  360.522.5665      landline: 360.352.5257