Discover acting, on stage and on film. 

High-energy workshops for Olympia teens.

Individualized instruction and craft.

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A paradoxical magic is at work when a person embodies a fictional character. Somehow, they become more themselves than they were before. Impossible to explain, but you know it when you see it. Get on the stage or in front of the camera and embrace your inner genius. It's risky. It's fun. It's transformational. It's fabulous. We can't wait for you to join us! 

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At Broadway Bound West, we use an upbeat, group coaching model that guides students to self-empowerment.

Our workshops are high-energy, high-engagement, and low pressure. We strive to create a diverse community where students take risks and learn to give, receive, and use constructive feedback.

We value the art of rehearsal in an age of instant gratification and constant distraction. Our students learn to focus on doing one thing well and develop a hunger to improve.

Acting: improv, scene study, character preparation, dialogue enhancement and technique excercises. We conclude with a live performance.

Film: acting on camera, screenwriting, industry insight, and the art of film. Film workshops culminate in a short film production.

Sketch Comedy: a live actor's salvation. Finding your funny bone through games, improvisation, and creating brilliant original sketch pieces. These classes also culminate in a live performance.

Great acting is the product of deep internal work, risk-taking, and interpersonal connections.

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Spring Break Workshop:

acting and comedy, April 3-7, 9am to 5pm, performance on Friday, April 7, tuition $295/full week or $175 half days

Spring Film Workshop:

join the cast of our original series Anywoods, USA, the story of youth surviving against the odds amid the apocalyptic wreckage of America's imagined Second Civil War

Weekly Classes:

Tuesday Sketch Comedy, 4pm-6:30pm, April 11 to June 13, tuition: $235

Wednesday Acting with Becca, 4pm-6:30pm, April 12-June 14, tuition: $235

Saturday Acting with Dale, 2pm-5pm, April 15-June 17, tuition: $245


The liberal arts create an empowering environment that nurtures cohesion and mutual appreciation, and Broadway Bound West is a firm part of that tradition.  We're pro-art, pro-philosophy, pro-debate, pro-giggles, and proud to be an outpost of open thought, personal challenge, and grand accomplishment!

Get in touch to register:

text:  360.522.5665      landline: 360.352.5257

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Summer Sessions:

Weeklong workshops that culminate in live performance or filmmaking.  We provide serious, focused, wide-angle, comprehensive training designed to give you experience and set you on the path to becoming a thinking artist.  Monday to Friday. 9am to 5pm.

June 26-30: Acting

July 3-7: Film

July 10-14: Acting/Writing

July 17-21: MINI WEEK meets 10am-2pm

July 24-28: Film

July 31-August 4: Acting

August 21-25: Acting/Comedy

August 28-September 1: Advanced Film* (by        audition)

Half-Day Sessions:

Students make take any Summer Session workshop on a half-day schedule.  Monday to Friday.  9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm.

Mini Week:

Behind the Scenes and Through             the Lens. Cogs and gears of stage production/ direct a scene to film in-studio.  Mini week is for actors, budding directors and stage/film technicians alike! Monday to Friday. 10am to 2pm.


Full week: $295

Half day week: $175

Mini week: $175

*Half day option not available for        advanced film workshop

Get in touch to register:

text: 360.522.5665        landline: 360.352.5257